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Ecobud Replacement Filter for Ecobud Gentoo

Gentoo Filter Cartridge is essential for your Gentoo, Gentoo Plus, Gentoo Glass and Gentoo Lite Water Filtration System. Each filter cartridge is up for replacement every 3 months, or with 600 litres of water used, which ever comes first.

Gentoo filters produce healthier, great tasting drinking water without the unwanted extras. It cleanses your water, removing harmful chemical pollutants such as chlorine*, fluoride*, contaminants and bacteria to minimal level from your water, leaving you with only the nutrients you need. The fresh, filtered water will greatly improve hydration by micro-clustering and reducing water molecule size to be easily-absorbed and get hydrated faster and more effectively through your body.


  • Fine Top Mesh / PPF Filter – Pre-filtration particles like oil
  • Energising Ceramic – Infra-red stone (4-14 electromagnetic wave) capable of releasing a high level of energy into the water by vibrating, breaking up and realigning, making the molecules smaller (from 13-20 to 5-6 per cluster), more orderly lined and easier to absorb.
  • Activated Carbon – Higher absorption to effectively filters chemicals, bacteria and organic pollutants, helps deodorise
  • Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) – Removes pollutants like algae, fungus, chlorine and radioactive heavy metals, prevents bacteria growth 
  • Calcium Ionised Clay & Ion exchange - Releases activated calcium ions and mild alkaline (pH 8.0 – 8.5) suitable for consumption and body absorption. Activated Alumina removes fluoride.
  • Bottom Mesh / PPF Filter – Prevents particle release


Model RG1002
Size & Weight
  • Height: 110mm
  • Width: 70mm
  • Weight: 250g
Colour Availability
  • White
Duration / Replacement
  • 3 Months of Usage
  • 600 Litres of Usage
  • Which ever comes first
System Requirements
  • Gentoo Water Filter Jug
  • Gentoo Plus Water Filter Jug
  • Gentoo Glass Water Filter Jug
  • Gentoo Lite Water Filter Jug
In the Box
  • 1 x Gentoo Filtration Cartridge

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