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Hanami Lipstick Tempest 4.2g

Say hello to a natural lipstick that actually sticks. Yep, this vegan lip colour is super long lasting, meaning it’ll stay vibrant from morning ‘til night … or night ‘til morning.

Jojoba oil and shea butter make for a creamy and flawless application, as well as keeping your lips moisturized all day long!

*Please note: HANAMI lipsticks went through a total reformulation in November 2018, and this shade does vary to the previous 'Tempest' that was stocked prior to this date. HANAMI has increased the blue, and decreased the orange pigment and mica.

Key Features: hydrating and moisturizing – stops your lips from drying out, plant waxes and oils create a creamy flawless application. Semi matte, long-lasting color.

Made from the perfect combination of plant oils and waxes.

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