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Kuranda Organic Quinoa Gluten Free Muesli 500g

A healthy yet decadent tasting muesli with velvety pure cacao nibs and crunchy almonds. Start your day with a taste of heaven with this wholesome, nutritionally rich breakfast choice.

The Kuranda Fruit Free Organic Quinoa Muesli Blend has just 2% naturally occurring sugars per serve – fantastic news for those on a low sugar, sugar free diet! This blend is also the perfect choice for anyone with fructose malabsorption as well.  Kuranda Natural Muesli contains only the finest natural ingredients, each chosen for their individual nutritional benefits.

Coeliac Endorsed Products

All Natural | Source of Protein | Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Wheat Free | Grain Free | Low GI | No Added Sugar | No Artificial Colours | No Preservatives | No Added Flavours | | Oat Free | Preservative Free | Low Sodium | Low Carbohydrate | Low Sugar | Low Fat | GM Free | Cholesterol Free 

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