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RESPARKLE Organic Disinfectant 500ml (Commercial Grade) Refill


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This organic disinfectant utilises the power of citrus to safely remove germs from your home, without the trade-off of harsh chemicals you get with other disinfectants. Because Resparkle uses 100% plant-based ingredients, there’s no need to rinse, making this product both easy & safe.

Independently lab tested to kill 99.99% bacteria according to TGA standards

  • 100% Natural & Food Safe
  • NASAA certified for organic inputs
  • Non-drying no alcohol formula
  • Refill pouch reduces carbon footprint by 70% and plastic waste by up to 100%

Replenish your Reusable Natural Disinfectant Bottle with this planet friendly 500ml refill pouch. Join Resparkle's zero-plastic waste mission by disposing your used pouches at any Redcycle stations or send them back to us for us to reuse.

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