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SEALPOD FEEPOD Reusable Coffee Capsule Starter Kit With 100 Paper Filters

This FeePod K-fee & Caffitaly compatible* capsule will help you to reduce your kitchen waste, enjoy your choice of coffee and save you cash!

Fact: Plastic pods take more than 500 years to breakdown in landfill, releasing harmful gasses in the process.

Low-impact, eco-friendly and economical, FeePod allows you to reduce your costs and make a positive environmental impact every time you brew. Made of high grade stainless steel, these innovative coffee pods easily rinse clean, ready for reuse - giving you all the convenience without the waste.

FeePods give you the freedom to use your pod machine with lovely, freshly ground coffee beans, whether they're from the coffee shop around the corner, from your local supermarket, or a pack of delicious Bespoke Blend!

This pack includes everything you need to get started, along with a set of Paper Filters (used for brewing tea, or optional when brewing coffee for a more intense espresso)!


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