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Blitz Oven & BBQ Cleaner 500ml

Australia’s Best and Safest Naturally Derived Oven & BBQ Cleaner.

A remarkably effective, environmentally friendly oven and bbq cleaner for the efficient and safe cleaning of hot plates, barbeques and ovens. A safer alternative for your family and pets.


  • Fully biodegradable. Plant based, naturally derived ingredients.
  • Non-caustic and NO nasty ingredients - A better choice for your health and the planet. Free from toxic petroleum solvents, chlorine and ammonia. Contains NO phosphates, nitrates, dyes, masking agents, synthetic perfumes , sodium laurel sulphates. Reduces potential for algal blooms and marine toxicity.
  • Suitable to clean ovens, oven racks, barbecues, grills, hoods, fryers, cookware, bakeware and other cooking equipment.
  • The best and most effective oven cleaner on the market. A powerful cleaner that dissolves oil, grease, fat and carbon with ease - no hard scrubbing required when used as directed. Clean less and live more!
  • Can be used for both a gas or electric oven.
  • Safe on all glass, plastics and aluminium surfaces. Safe to use on stainless steel and aluminium hotplates.
  • Germ killing properties - Removes grease and grime to help inhibit bacteria.
  • Safely removes heat stains, discoloration, grit and grime whilst enhancing and maintaining the shine and polish of your cookware.
  • Concentrated formula delivers outstanding value for money and reduces landfill.               


  • A natural and safe way to clean burnt on mess from your oven, BBQ and cook top surfaces.
  • No need to wear mask when cleaning your oven. No harsh, unpleasant or toxic fumes, odours or residues usually associated with cleaners of this type.
  • Say goodbye to highly toxic, corrosive, caustic and fuming cleaners but without sacrificing cleaning performance.
  • Non-caustic and safer for those with children and pets at home.    
  • More suitable for those suffering from allergies and skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • Extend the life of your oven and BBQ - By keeping your oven clean you will help it be more efficient at reaching the temperature you want.
  • Leaves no aftertaste on your food – Having an unclean oven can affect the taste of your food.
  • Burnt, baked-on food can release carcinogens as it continues to burn in your oven. Using Blitz Oven & BBQ Cleaner is a great choice for your health as it results in a cleaner and healthier oven.
  • Alternate uses - Removes grease from driveways, machinery, grime and any area where powerful cleaning is required. Can be used to clean marks on walls without the toxic fumes at a dilution of 20:1.
  • Can clean cast iron and help to remove rust.       
  • Suitable for professional use. It is suitable for domestic, industrial, automotive and marine use.
  • Rapidly biodegradable ingredients are sewer and septic safe.
  • Better than the mainstream alternative - has been independently benchmarked against the market leader to confirm fantastic results.     

Suitable in both a domestic and commercial setting. Go green in your home, workplace or business. 

✔ Vegan friendly

✔ Family Friendly

✔ Animal Cruelty Free

✔ 100% Australian Made & Owned – Manufactured on-site in Newcastle, NSW.

✔ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - If you're not happy, TRI NATURE's not happy! TRI NATURE trusts you will love their products 100%.

✔ All Tri Nature ingredients are sourced with a great deal of care and consideration of ethics, safety and sustainability.

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