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Established in Sydney, Australia in 2009, Cheeki embarked on a mission to revolutionise the consumption culture by offering high-quality reusable stainless steel alternatives to single-use plastic containers. Boldly taking the lead, Cheeki became the first Australian brand to introduce stainless steel water bottles, garnering widespread support for their commitment to a healthier planet. Today, Cheeki proudly stand as market leaders, with a diverse product range celebrated for its exceptional quality and groundbreaking innovation across Australia and 25 other countries. Cheeki's unwavering focus on quality and dedication to sustainability drives them to create products designed to make a lasting impact.

Cheeki is dedicated to crafting premium reusable products that foster a refill and reuse culture, aiming to eradicate the need for single-use plastic containers. By choosing Cheeki, individuals make a conscious decision to break free from the cycle of single-use products.


1. Copper Lock Technology (2021): Selected insulated products now feature Copper Lock Technology, incorporating a copper wall layer into vacuum insulation to maintain internal temperatures and resist external influences, ensuring beverages stay hotter or colder for longer periods.

2. Superior Insulation: Some products boast Cheeki's original Double Wall Vacuum Insulation, complementing the Triple Wall insulated range with Copper Lock Technology.

3. BPA & Toxin Free: Rigorous testing and certification under strict international standards confirm that all our products and manufacturing facilities are free from BPA, toxins, and heavy metals.

4. 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel: Exclusively using premium 304 [18/8] Food Grade Steel, our products are safer, tougher, and stronger, meeting stringent FDA certifications to ensure no traces of heavy metals (such as lead) and no metallic taste leeching into drinks.

5. Sweat-Free Surface: Cheeki's insulated products feature a surface that remains free from condensation, even in the most humid conditions, ensuring a comfortable grip without moisture build-up.

6. Patented Designs: Proudly setting the standard for design and innovation, their patented Silicone Shield and Tri Tech Sports Lid stand as benchmarks of Cheeki's commitment to uniqueness.

7. Australian Owned and Designed: From its origins in Australia in 2009, Cheeki maintains its 100% Australian ownership and design, staying true to its roots.

Embrace a greener future without compromising on style. Choose Cheeki and make every day a stylish, sustainable adventure.