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Woohoo Deodorant

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Woohoo Deodorant


Woohoo Natural Deodorant epitomises a commitment to purity, health, and environmental consciousness. At the heart of their ethos is an unwavering dedication to crafting deodorants that not only keep you fresh but also align with their values of sustainability and well-being. Woohoo natural deodorants are Australian made, planet-friendly natural deodorants that work all day, even for sensitive skin.

The range of plastic-free deodorants are vegan-friendly and handmade with organic ingredients in Newcastle NSW. Woohoo deodorant is proudly cruelty-free and cleverly housed in biodegradable packaging, which means they break down naturally with the help of various enzymes and microbes.

How does natural deodorant actually work?

Woohoo deodorant is the healthy, toxin-free alternative to anti-perspirant deodorants that will keep you BO free all day long. Natural deodorants help prevent odour by creating an environment that the bad bacteria can’t survive in. This allows your body to sweat the way it should, minus the odour. 

Most natural deodorants incorporate natural moisture-absorbing and odour-neutralising plant-based ingredients to create dry armpits, enabling them to effectively battle BO, while promoting ‘healthy sweating’. Rather than clogging your pores, the ingredients work together adjust the pH balance, creating a less favourable hang-out spot for bad bacteria. For example, Woohoo Deodorant calls on the stink-busting and dampness-sopping strength of magnesium, activated charcoal. Diatomaceous earth, and bicarb soda. Together these ingredients make your skin too alkaline for the bacteria to feed on the proteins and fats delivered through your sweat — so, no smell!

What is Woohoo deodorant made from?

Woohoo deodorant formulas are made using the highest quality clean, natural, vegan ingredients. Ingredients are selected for their unique properties that make it an important part of their skin problem-solving formulas. 

Woohoo deodorant feature 100% pure essential oils for incredible scent as well as adding to their odour-eliminating abilities. The essential oils are antibacterial, and function in a similar way to the other deodorising ingredients in the formula by creating an environment where bad bacteria won’t thrive, resulting in a decrease in foul odour.