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Bedhead Hats

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Bedhead Hats is a family run business based on the NSW Central Coast - 100% Aussie owned. Bedhead take great pride in creating a range of hats that make sun safety more comfortable for babies & children. 

Best in Sun Protection 

Bedhead Bucket, Swim and Legionnaire hat styles are all rated UPF50+ to the Australia Standard.

Bedhead hats are tested on their design - not just on the fabric, so you can be sure you are buying the safest for your children.

Bedhead Hats

Bedhead Hats bucket hats give kids the protection they need from the sun while they’re adventuring – without any of the annoyances that often come with wearing hats. Bedhead have created anti-flop brims with a special foam insert that will stay upright even after many machine washes.

Bedhead made their hats soft and stretchy for a great fit. And in the girls hats, they've added a little slit so ponytails and braids can be pulled through – making them comfortable, stylish AND protective for everyday wear.

The Bedhead Classic bucket hat gives great coverage over the face and shoulders and is perfect for use in preschools and daycare centres as brim depth exceeds requirements by SunSmart guidelines and hats are rated UPF50+. The comfortable fit and the cooling effect of the cotton helps kids forget they even have them on, which means you can be confident their delicate skin is protected.