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Sustainable Period Products


Consumers are more aware of the environmental impact of the products they are using, and the trend towards using reusable and sustainable period products is increasing. The average person will use up to 12,000 period products in their lifetime, that is a lot of plastic making its way to landfill, or even worse, our oceans. If you are looking to make the switch to sustainable menstrual products like period underwear, menstrual cups and biodegradable disposables, here at The Living Co, we have many viable eco-friendly alternatives.

Menstrual cups were actually developed in the 1930s and it took more than 80 years to really enter popular use. The menstrual cups aren’t the only sustainable option available for conscious consumers. There are now a range of biodegradable disposables that are a more sustainable choice. Natracare uses natural materials and 100% certified organic cotton protects our oceans, our soil and cotton workers. Innovative and trending TOM organic period briefs are made with soft, organic cotton, and are breathable and reusable for a practical sustainable solution. They look and feel like regular underwear but the 4-layer leak proof design can hold up to three tampons’ worth of fluid.