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EVER ECO Dish Brush Head Replacement Head

A replacement head for Ever Eco's wooden Dish Brush- simply keep the handle and switch out the head as needed. The previous head can be popped in your compost bin to return to the earth.  


  • Plant power! Ever Eco cleaning brush range is made from plants to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic dish brushes and synthetic sponges, which utilise chemicals in the production process and end up in landfill at end of life
  • Unvarnished wood to eliminate chemicals from the production process, ensure compost compatible and prevent brushes from slipping out of wet hands
  • Vegan friendly


  • Squeeze the two wires at the neck of the brush together to loosen the metal grip around the head and allow the clasp to slide towards the handle. Stretch wires apart to insert a new head into the handle.  Pliers may be needed to do this the first time. 
  • Once the replacement brush head is in place, squeeze wires back together and push the metal clasp back up to the top to secure 


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