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Why You Need to Switch to Bamboo Toilet Paper


Switching to bamboo toilet paper is easy, affordable and convenient. It comes with many benefits that are useful not only to individuals but also to the environment. Bamboo toilet paper is just as good as, if not better than, regular toilet paper, making the transition seamless and crucial to combating the climate crisis on a global scale.

Here are the top five reasons to consider getting bamboo as your premium toilet paper at home!

1. Promotes Eco-Friendliness

By switching to bamboo toilet paper, you can help create a greener and more eco-friendly household or workplace. Bamboo toilet paper is made from bamboo grass, not trees, and by switching from standard tree-based toilet paper, you can help save rainforests.

It takes maple and oak trees around 30 years to mature, only for them to be cut down and used as toilet paper. On the other hand, bamboo overgrows, reaching up to 90 feet in just five weeks.

Besides, bamboo does not need to be replanted like other trees because it is technically a type of grass, not a tree. You can cut bamboo to a stump, and it will grow back.

2. Fights Climate Change

Bamboo toilet paper is not only environmentally friendly, but it can help reverse pollution. Bamboo is a helpful plant that can fight against climate change by reducing the number of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Additionally, bamboo plants are very efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing oxygen. Experts say that if we use more bamboo for products like building materials, clothing, and household items, we could help reverse some of the damage that has been done to the climate.

3. Reinforces Your Household’s Safety

Bamboo toilet paper has antimicrobial properties that can destroy harmful microorganisms, making it a healthier option than regular toilet paper. Bamboo fibres are naturally resistant to bacteria, fungi, and odours, making them ideal for use on skin, susceptible areas or with children.

4. Keeps Your Hygiene Needs Affordable and Accessible

Considering bamboo toilet paper is a small change that can significantly impact. Not only is premium toilet paper good for your health, but it's also good for the environment. Switching to bamboo toilet paper is one of the easiest ways to go green and make a difference.

Many companies that offer bamboo toilet paper, paper towels and toothbrushes also provide home delivery, so you can always buy bamboo toilet paper and have it delivered to your home weekly, biweekly or monthly.

5. Provides Premium, High-Quality and Absorbent Sheets

 Bamboo toilet paper is very soft and absorbent. The bamboo plant is robust, but the material can be made into a gentle tissue on the skin. As a result, it lets you enjoy premium toilet paper! 

Bamboo fibres are soaked in a safe solution and processed to create a softer product than standard toilet paper. Wood toilet paper is often rough and lacks anti-microbial properties, which can lead to skin irritation.

Bamboo toilet paper is even softer and more absorbent than standard toilet paper and can hold three times its weight in liquid.


Although bamboo toilet paper is often marketed as a luxury product, it's actually a viable alternative to most tree-based toilet papers. Switching to bamboo toilet paper can help create a greener and more eco-friendly home and can even help combat climate change.

By switching to bamboo toilet paper, you can reduce the number of trees cut down to make toilet paper, help protect the environment, and help fight climate change. Bamboo toilet paper is environmentally friendly, safer, stronger, and healthier than other brands, making it the obvious choice. It's also affordable, convenient, and easy to use.

To order premium toilet paper made from bamboo fibres, check out our products from The Living Co. We are an eco-friendly store providing premium low waste, plastic-free, organic food and natural cleaning products! For more details, see our store today.


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