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How does it work? 

  1. You decide how much you'd like, head to our website and under REFILLS you can see all the products that are available. Place an order how you would normally. 
  2. We use containers that have been repurposed from our community,  they've been cleaned and given a new life. 
  3. will be supplied with your order.

How easy is that!



 ♻️ How do I get the container back to you so that it can be used again? 

Once you've finished with it and if you can no longer purpose it, then just drop it back to us anytime you are in the area (within secure lockers) or when you grab your next order/delivery.


 ♻️ There's a product I'd like to buy in bulk but you're not selling it, what can I do? 

Let us know, we'd love to hear your suggestions on what to add next, either comment on the Facebook group (if you're not already part of it then now's the time) or get in contact with us anytime at the


♻️ Can I use my own container? 

No, we're currently trying to streamline our processes to get you what you need faster, safely and more efficiently. So for the time being we're asking that you drop in your containers to us whenever you can and we will provide your bulks in locally donated, sterilised packaging.


 ♻️ How long will my order take? 

Your order will be ready for pickup within 1-2 business days, if you have other item's in your order you will only receive notice from us once your entire order is ready. If you need your refills sooner, leave us a message when ordering and we'll let you know when they are ready for pickup.