Next Order Closes - 15th June 2020


How does it work? 
1. You decide how much you'd like, head to our website and under REFILL you can see all the products that are available place an order how you would normally. 
2. We will decant into a container that we have repurposed from the community that has been cleaned and given a new life or we'll refill your container. 

3. will be supplied with your order.

How easy is that!


♻️ How do I get the container back to you so that it can be used again? 
Once you've finished with it & if you can no longer purpose it then just drop it back to us anytime you are in the area (within secure lockers) or when you grab your next order/delivery.

♻️ There's a product I'd like to buy in bulk but you're not selling it, what can I do? 
We're just starting out, but we'd love to hear your suggestions on what to add next, either comment on the facebook group (if you're not already part of it then now's the time) or get in contact with us anytime.

♻️ Can I use my own container? 
YUP!!! Label your container & when you place your order let us know in the 'notes section' that you're supplying your own container, we'll then email you back the same day with the address & locker number to drop it into. 

♻️ How long will it take? 
Your order will be ready for pickup within 1 business day, if you're using your own container then it's usually 2-3 business days once we've received it