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How to Store Shampoo Bars


Shampoo bars are an innovative product slowly gaining popularity. They are made with natural ingredients and have many ecological benefits.  Switching to a shampoo bar is a great choice if you are looking for a sustainable option for your hair care routine.

The most important thing about using a shampoo bars is storing them properly. To extend the life of your shampoo bar, it is necessary to keep it dry between uses. Otherwise, it will become soggy and dissolve rapidly. To keep shampoo bars dry, you need a storage container that will allow water to drain and air to circulate. It’s also a good idea to choose a spot in the shower that’s away from steam and water. 

Here are our top picks of storage containers.

Ethique In-Shower Container

If you are storing your shampoo bar in the shower, Ethique in-shower containers are super cute and are specifically designed to fit one Ethique shampoo and one Ethique conditioner bar. It has drainage holes and a lid to keep your shampoo bar dry and protect against water splashes.

Safix Soap Rest

Another way you can store your shampoo bar in the shower is directly on a rack and use a soap rest. The Safix soap rest is made from 100% coconut fibers and biodegradable glue. It is specifically designed with a loose density of fibers to offer optimal air circulation and drying power for soaps and shampoos.

Ethique Storage Tray

Extend the life of your solid shampoo and conditioner bars by storing them on Ethique's self-drying trays. These sleek, stylish trays are super absorbent, ensuring water is drawn away from your bars quickly to help them last longer.

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Photo by Sincerely Media / Unsplash 


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