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Top 9 Reasons to Use Natural Rubber Pacifiers for Your Baby

Natural Rubber Pacifiers-The Living Co.

As a parent, it is important to choose the right products for your baby, especially when it comes to pacifiers. Natural rubber pacifiers are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason.

Here are the top 9 reasons why you should use natural rubber pacifiers for your baby.

1. 100% Natural

Natural rubber pacifiers are made from 100% natural rubber, making them not only safe for your baby but also environmentally friendly. Natural rubber is made from the sap of a rubber tree, which is a much safer and healthier material than the plastic used in traditional pacifiers.

2. BPA-Free

BPA, or bisphenol-A, is a chemical commonly found in plastic products, including pacifiers. Research has linked BPA to a wide range of health problems, including birth defects, hormone disruption, and even cancer. Natural rubber pacifiers are completely BPA-free, giving you the peace of mind that your baby is safe from any potential health risks.

3. Non-Toxic

Natural rubber pacifiers are the perfect choice for parents who want to give their babies the best and safest products. Unlike plastic pacifiers, natural rubber pacifiers are non-toxic and free from PVC and other toxic materials that can be found in some plastic pacifiers. This means that your baby is safe from any potential harm that could come from sucking on a plastic pacifier.

4. Easy to Clean

Natural rubber pacifiers are easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is rinse the pacifier with warm water after each use and allow it to air dry. This makes natural rubber pacifiers a great choice for busy parents who don’t have time to clean and sterilise pacifiers. Also, it makes them more hygienic and prevents any bacteria or mould from building up on the surface.

5. Hypoallergenic

Natural rubber pacifiers are also hypoallergenic. This is especially important for babies who have sensitive skin or allergies. Natural rubber pacifiers won’t cause any allergic reactions, so your baby can enjoy the comfort and security of their pacifier without worrying about any adverse reactions.

6. Soft and Flexible

Natural rubber pacifiers are soft and flexible, making them comfortable for your baby to use. This also means that they are less likely to cause any mouth injury due to the material being too hard.

7. Durable

Natural rubber pacifiers are much more durable than plastic pacifiers, making them perfect for babies who like to chew on their pacifiers. The material is also resistant to staining and discolouration, making them a great choice for extended use. Natural rubber pacifiers won’t break or crack easily, making them the ideal choice for teething babies while providing your baby with maximum comfort. 

8. Environmentally Friendly

Natural rubber pacifiers are much better for the environment. The rubber used to make natural rubber pacifiers is a renewable resource, meaning that it can be harvested without damaging the environment. In addition, natural rubber pacifiers are much easier to recycle than plastic pacifiers, making them a much more sustainable choice.

9. Wide Variety

Natural rubber pacifiers come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colours, so you can find one that fits your baby’s needs perfectly. From classic round shapes to heart-shaped and orthodontic designs, there is a natural rubber pacifier to fit every baby’s preferences. They also come in a range of colours, such as pink and blue, to more vibrant colours like red and yellow. You can find a natural rubber pacifier that perfectly matches your baby’s nursery.


Natural rubber pacifiers are a great choice for your baby as they are easy to clean, durable, won't harm your baby's teeth, are free from toxins, and more. Not to mention, they’re cute, and stylish and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So, if you’re looking for a safe and natural way to soothe your baby, natural rubber pacifiers are the way to go! So why not make the switch to natural rubber pacifiers today?

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