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PUKKA Supreme Matcha Green x 20 Tea Bags


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A deeply renewing organic whole leaf green tea, blended with the finest emerald matcha. Thank you for choosing the organic and fairly traded Supreme Matcha Green tea. As its name implies, this is no ordinary green tea. It contains Matcha powder – the powerful ingredient that gives it such a boost. Together with whole leaf Sencha, Oothu & Suoi Gang organic green teas it’s the ultimate combination and has a smooth, rich taste.
It’s one of the new Pukka green teas that help to bring people and the planet together. Thanks to you, they raised over £57,000 for WWF last year and now we’re increasing the support to their Living Himalayas initiative. This very special work will protect, restore and reconnect the natural landscape whilst supporting local communities. It helps us to live together in harmony with the planet – something they believe in very strongly at Pukka.
So as you drink your Supreme Matcha Green tea, remember that every cup helps to protect 10,000 types of plant and 750 species of birds. You’re helping to protect iconic and unique animals like the snow leopard and red panda. Together with the renewing properties of the tea, it will help your senses come alive to everything around you. Hoping you enjoy it and thank you for doing something incredible today.